Janet Jackson - All For You / All For You (Deluxe Edition)

Label: Virgin
Country: US
Released: 24/04/2001
Genre: Hip Hop, Pop
Style: Rhythm & Blues / Swing, Vocal

01 Intro (0:59)
02 You Ain't Right (4:32)
03 All For You (5:29)
04 2WayForYou (Interlude) (0:19)
05 Come On Get Up (4:47)
06 When We Oooo (4:34)
07 China Love (4:36)
08 Love Scene (Ooh Baby) (4:16)
09 Would You Mind (5:32)
10 Lame (Interlude) (0:11)
11 Trust A Try (5:16)
12 Clouds (Interlude) (0:19)
13 Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (5:56)
14 Truth (6:45)
15 Theory (Interlude) (0:26)
16 Someone To Call My Lover (4:32)
17 Feels So Right (4:42)
18 Doesn't Really Matter (4:24)
19 Better Days (5:05)
20 Outro (0:08)
21 Why (Bonus Track) (3:44)

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Chandra72 said...

This link has expired. Could you re-up it please?

FELIPE said...

MMMM I really wanted this download!!! The link is broken. Could you repost it? THANX.

thedamitajoprincipal said...

Are you sure the bonus track is called "who"? I think it's called "who". Just saying

Dolores O. said...

Megaupload has removed your link stating you violated user rights.

Can you please re-upload? I really want to download this.


janetbitch4ev-uh! said...

I think the bonus track is entitle "who" not "why". And this is the explicit version. The version that come with the DVD is the clean version (without "would you mind") and has 2 bonus tracks (2 remixes of son of a gun). This post is weird......